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Can't work out which service to book?  Please check out the common issues below or send us some details and we'll be in touch.

Common Issues

Below is a list of common rider complaints, the most likely cause, and which service we recommend you book so we can sort it out for you.

Flat TyreWheelsPunctured TubeGeneral Service
Strange ClickingGears | DrivetrainBottom BracketPremium Service
Gears Skipping - CleanGears | DrivetrainOut of tuneGeneral Service
Brakes RubbingBrakesOut of tuneGeneral Service
Noisey when pedalingGears | DrivetrainBottom BracketPremium Service
Sore ButtFrame & CockpitSaddle PositionGeneral Service
Frequent PuncturesWheelOld & worn out tyresPremium Service
Knee PainFrame & CockpitCleat PositionBike Fit
Numb HandsFrame & CockpitRide PositionBike Fit
Slow ShiftingGears | DrivetrainDirty or Worn OutPremium Service
Loss of Disc Brake PowerBrakesContaminated PadsPremium Service
Buckled WheelWheelImpact DamagePremium Service
Dirty Gears/Drive TrainGears | DrivetrainRiding! (go you!)Premium Service
Back PainFrame & CockpitRide PositionBike Fit
Neck PainFrame & CockpitRide PositionBike Fit
Shoulder PainFrame & CockpitRide PositionBike Fit
Arm PainFrame & CockpitRide PositionBike Fit
Numb FeetFrame & CockpitCleat PositionBike Fit or Minor Adjust 
Hotspots on FeetFrame & CockpitCleat PositionBike Fit
Broken SpokeWheelFatigue or ImpactPremium Service
Cracked FrameFrame & CockpitImpact DamagePlease Email through photos
Rusty ChainGears | DrivetrainWeather, Salt waterPremium Service
Brakes RubbingWheelOut of TuneGeneral Service
Brake SquelWheelWorn Out PadsPremium Service
Worn Out BrakesWheelRidingPremium Service
No ReboundSuspensionNo Air in SuspensionSuspension Service
Suspension LeakingSuspensionWorn Out SealsSuspension Service
Stretched ChainGears | DrivetrainRidingPremium Service
Steering ShudderCockpitLoose Headset or Buckled WheelPremium Service
Complete loss of GearsWheelSnapped Gear CablePremium Service
Sudden Loss of Brakes - HydoBrakesLoss of Hydro FluidPlatinum Service
Sudden Loss of Brakes - MechWheelSnapped Brake CablePremium Service
Forks BackwardWheelIncorrect AssemblyGeneral Service
Complete loss of Gears - ElectricGears | DrivetrainFlat BatteryPremium Service
No SuspensionSuspensionWorn Out SealsSuspension Service
Broken HangerGears | DrivetrainImpact DamageSend Photos for Quote
Worn Out TyresWheelRidingPremium Service
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This list is intended to help riders select the service best suited to fix their issue.  The "Common Cause" is simply one of the more likely, if you need more spefic information or think we've missed something on this list then feel free to email us.
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